On this very day, in 1946, the Italian people went to the polls. For the first time after 20 years of Fascism, after World War II had largely destroyed the country, the Italian people had an important choice to make: “Monarchia” or “Repubblica”? Women were also allowed to vote, for the first time in Italian history, and so they did.

Credit is usually given to Alcide De Gasperi for the remarkably consequential decision to call the entire population to a vote on such a huge and controversial issue. The choice was “Repubblica” by a close margin, and King Umberto II went into exile.

It’s an Italian bank holiday (festa nazionale) and cities nationwide celebrate with parades, flying the “tricolore” and in Rome the “Frecce Tricolori” perform a flyover the city. Be sure to wish all your Italian family and friends, “Buona Festa della Repubblica!”

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Photo Credit: National Italian American Foundation

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