5 Steakhouses, From Affordable to Five Stars

Posted on December 1, 2015 at 3:10PM on ChooseChicago.Com by Maddy Osman 

When served in a restaurant, steak is a dish that’s usually the most expensive on the menu. If you go to a steakhouse, there aren’t many “cheap” options to choose from. But not all steakhouses in Chicago are equal — the ones on this list each have their own unique flair. So from affordable to five stars, here are my Chicago steakhouse recommendations.



Gene & Georgetti’s

Famously known for serving Frank Sinatra (and many other celebrities!) as well as being Chicago’s oldest steakhouse, Gene & Georgetti’s is also known for providing the best Chicago-style steakhouse experience. Their menu is extremely well-rounded with pastas and seafood, so if you have a dining companion who’s not into steak, you can both win.

500 N. Franklin Street | geneandgeorgetti.com | $$$


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