We’re proud to be Chicago’s original steakhouse and located in River North, no less. We work hard to uphold our rich history that is over 8 decades strong on a daily basis, and with that, an unmatched level of service, paired with delicious offerings of original flavors and new twists as well. So when we see our name included in pieces that feature Chicago staples or iconic dining institutions – it quite simply brings us so much joy!

Originally published on Lonely Planet
Behind The Bear: the culinary history of Chicago’s River North

Welcome back to “The Bear,” FX’s most-watched half-hour series, starring the charismatic Jeremy Allen White as burned-out chef / prodigal cuz, Carmy Berzatto. In Season 2 we are returned to what was once an old-school Italian beef spot.

“The Bear” constantly references the gentrification of the neighborhood and concern that customers would protest an upscale menu change. Well, Chicago’s River North neighborhood has hosted gentrified food concepts and upscale restaurants for at least 40 years. In fact, it’s the headquarters for iconic Chicago eateries that have helped define the city’s cuisine.

Steakhouses are another Chi-town staple and Gene & Georgetti is the oldest, serving up perfectly cooked steaks and chops since 1941. Pull up to a table, draped with a white table cloth, surrounded by old-school wood paneling and dig into classics like a thick bone-in ribeye or a broiled veal chop accompanied with Vesuvio potatoes (another quintessential Chicago dish).

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