Newcity has released its Big 2023 Restaurateurs List and we’re thrilled to see our Managing Partner, Michelle Durpetti, included! Newcity Resto is a Chicago-focused website featuring amazing food culture. Thank you for the inclusion, Newcity! Michelle Durpetti Managing Partner, Gene & Georgetti/Turnkey Hospitality and Founder, Michelle Durpetti Events In a wood-frame building that was built in the River North area after the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 (with wood scavenged from the fire!), Gene & Georgetti has a more-than-eighty-year history as one of Chicago’s premier—and longest-running—steakhouses. In addition to managing an events and hospitality business, Michelle Durpetti stands at the head of what can only be considered a Chicago institution. Says Durpetti, granddaughter of co-founder Gene Michelotti, “I have owned and operated my own business for the last fifteen years. And it wasn’t until 2019, after my father’s health started to take a more serious turn, that I really started to get involved in the restaurant.” Stepping into Gene & Georgetti’s is like stepping into Old Chicago, and Durpetti is keeping the restaurant strong and vital into the twenty-first century. (David Hammond) See the full list on Newcity’s website here. Photo Credit: Photo: Joseph A. Mietus

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