At the end of about any meal in Tuscany, being at a restaurant or at home, you’ll find Cantucci and Vin Santo. Italian Biscotti or Cantucci are crunchy almond biscuits, traditionally dunked in Vin Santo – a sweet Italian dessert wine, but you can accompany them with Tea or Coffee as well (definitely a breakfast fave) ✨

Our Cantucci are made at Leonardo, three generations strong in Florence. We visited on a recent trip back to see loved ones (take a peak below, including founder, Leonardo’s, original recipe book!).

Make sure to order this sweet treat (found on our dessert menu) after your house made meal here at G&G 🤩 (the trays they are served on are hand made + painted in Florence as well. We take our Tuscan very seriously) 👈🏼

What Americans call Biscotti are known as Cantucci or Cantuccini (if they are small) or Biscotti di Prato, after the town where they come from.

FUN FACT: From the Middle Age onwards, Cantucci were small loaves of bread with Fennel or aniseed. They were twice cooked (literally, bis-cotti) in the oven in order to prevent them from spoilage and ensure a longer conservation. Even if they were pretty different from the nowadays version, already in the Renaissance they were dunked in sweet wine.

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