Our hearts are profoundly sad as we mourn our dear friend and customer. Dominic DiFrisco was so many things to so many people: he was such a strong voice in the Italian American community, he was the most eloquent speaker we have known, and participated often with us in projects we did pertaining to the restaurant. When he walked in on any given day, it took him almost 20 minutes to get to his favorite corner booth because he would stop to say hello to all of the customers – who were friends and colleagues. Dominic, and his family, are our family. And we know that for all of his success and for all that he will be remembered for, there was no greater love, and no bigger joy in his life than the one he had for his family. We extend our heartfelt and deepest condolences to his Carol, his daughter Nina, and his grandson, Pasquale. We feel immense gratitude to have known him, sat with him in his corner booth so many times to discuss the topics of the day, laughed with him, learned from him, and loved him. Our friend Candace Jordan sums it up perfectly with her article, Chicago has lost a champion.

We will miss you, Dominic.
The Durpetti Family

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