2016 marks our 75th anniversary and we could not be more excited.  As part of our celebration, we will be featuring two employees a week beginning August 19th, thru our anniversary party on October 16th. Be sure to check back regularly and read up on our beloved employees who help make Gene and Georgetti the place it is today!

James Sweeney

Do you have a nickname at Gene & Georgetti? If so, what is it?

Job Title
Beverage Manager

Years with Gene & Georgetti
13 and half Months

Favorite Gene & Georgetti Menu Item
Veal Scallopini

Best piece of advice you have ever received?
Happy Wife, Happy Life!

Our team at Gene & Georgetti represents Family. Tell us about your own family, and what does family mean to you?
What can family mean other than everything in the world to someone? My daughter is my drive and inspiration. There is no sound in the world that brings me more happiness than her laughter.

The unconditional love, support and devotion received from one’s family is life’s tonic that gets you out of bed and keeps you on your feet. I’m blessed to have my family.  I don’t know the words to describe my love for them, but I do know they fill me with dreams and hopes for the future…and what is life without those?

What’s one memory, at Gene & Georgetti or outside of it, that you treasure most?
Although I was not working for Gene & Georgetti at that time, I treasure all the conversations and funny stories my Dad-in-Law (Bill Maroulis) told me about Gene & Georgetti. We spent countless hours laughing with tales about the staff, guests and management! He always noted there was no other restaurant quite like Gene & Georgetti and how they truly saw and treated their staff as family. And through those stories, I understood that Gene & Georgetti was a unique and special place to work for.

Photos courtesy of Collin Pierson Photography.

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