2016 marks our 75th anniversary and we could not be more excited.  As part of our celebration, we will be featuring two employees a week beginning August 19th, thru our anniversary party on October 16th. Be sure to check back regularly and read up on our beloved employees who help make Gene and Georgetti the place it is today!

Danielle Limbers

Do you have a nickname at Gene & Georgetti? If so, what is it?

Job Title
Manager/Private Dining Coordinator

Years with Gene & Georgetti
Little over a Year

Favorite Gene & Georgetti Menu Item
Broiled Ribeye

Best piece of advice you have ever received?
Listen to your heart, don’t take advice from anyone, just listen and observe all of your surroundings.

Our team at Gene & Georgetti represents Family. Tell us about your own family, and what does family mean to you?
I have a very large, divided family. We are all close for it being so broken up. We all somehow get together and enjoy each other’s company. Family represents an unbreakable bond through the best and worst of times together. Family knows the underlining where your heart truly lies, no matter what!

What’s one memory, at Gene & Georgetti or outside of it, that you treasure most?
I will forever treasure New Year’s Eve when I took my first steps on to the floor in Rosemont. The feelings I had will always be my favorite memory; the feeling of genuinely enjoying your job.

What’s one upcoming occasion or celebration you look forward to the most?
My son’s birthday in November! We will be celebrating his 8th birthday.

Photos courtesy of Collin Pierson Photography.

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