Zagat: 5 Old-School Steakhouses in Chicago

Chicago is right up there with New York City and Washington, DC, as one of the country’s quintessential steakhouse cities. Despite the onslaught of hot new restaurants that continue to broaden Chicago’s dining scene, the steakhouse tradition is alive and well, anchored by a handful of time-worn gems. Here are five old-school steakhouses you need to check out (or revisit) in Chicago.


Gene & Georgetti
It doesn’t get more old-school than the oldest steakhouse in Chicago. Founded in 1941 by Gene Michelotti and Alfredo Federighi, whose nickname was Georgetti, the River North icon looks and feels just as it probably did on opening day. It’s a classic, serving hulking plates of shrimp de Jonghe, wedge salads and rib-eye steaks amid walls lined with autographed celebrity photographs. The steakhouse’s enduring legacy is attributable to the “customers are family” mentality instilled by its founders — a sentiment that has been passed down through the generations, making it still one of the best family-run institutions in Chicago.

Must-order: Start with the garlicky shrimp de Jonghe and follow up with a broiled fillet for the main course. It’s even better when capped off with demi-glace sauce.

500 N. Franklin St.; 312-527-3718

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