5 Great Old School Steakhouses

By: Tom Bastek | AUGUST 12, 2015 10:00 AM ET for Travel Pulse

The carnivores among us love a good steak. But there are eateries out there that elevate humble cuts of beef to sublime gourmet experiences. Restaurants have the ability to do things that you can’t at home, like dry age the steak for 18 months and cook it in a 1,000-degree broiler. One of the other great things about going to a classic steakhouse is the vibe. You want that old school kitsch kind of look. Here are five great old school steakhouses worth the trip.

Gene & Georgetti — Chicago

Founded by Gene Michelotti and his partner Alfredo “Georgetti” Federighi, Gene & Georgetti has been serving up world-class steaks since 1941. Still family-owned after seven decades, G&G specializes in Italian hospitality while serving prime cuts of beef and classic Italian dishes to the masses. Get a broiled fillet, veal scaloppini or even a liver with bacon and onions plate for dinner then have tiramisu or a cannoli.


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