Timeout Chicago : The best Chicago steakhouses

Chicago may have outgrown its reputation as a meat-and-potatoes town, but there’s no denying it: This is a city that loves its steak. The best Chicago steakhouses are located all over the city, from River North to the West Loop to tucked away in small neighborhoods. Here are our favorites, from icons of the genre to newcomers that serve inventive takes on classics, terrific wines and drinks that rival those at the city’s best cocktail bars.

Coming in at #11, Gene and Georgetti


If it gets any more old-school than this circa-1941 steakhouse, we haven’t seen it. Filling every inch of the wood-lined dining room are Naugahyde bar stools, chairs and banquettes as blood-red as the steaks (both well-aged, we might add). Servers range from formal to gruff, but they mean well and they deliver the goods: textbook veal Vesuvio, a “garbage” salad fit for four, calf’s liver sauteed with onions and bacon, perfectly seared chops and garlicky shrimp DeJonghe that the veteran staff swears the joint invented. Believe ’em—these are the Chicago old-boys you don’t want to piss off.

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