PureWow: The 7 Most Old-School Spots in Chicago to Eat, Drink or Just Instagram

Most days, it seems we can’t get where we’re going fast enough. The “L” is delayed, so order a Via and when it finally arrives ten minutes later, we hit traffic. Maybe it’s a sign we need to stop rushing toward the future and slow down. What better way to do that than to spend some time at a place that hasn’t changed since Prohibition? Here are seven of our favorite spots that are stuck in time…in a good way.

GENE & GEORGETTI Chicago’s not short on great steakhouses, so why not choose by seniority? Gene & Georgetti is the city’s oldest, having opened in 1941. While it’s perfected the chops and pastas, it hasn’t messed with the ambiance: Expect a cozy vibe that takes you back. 500 N. Franklin St.; 312-527-3718 or geneandgeorgetti.com Click here to check out the feature on PureWow’s website!

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