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Jul 13 2011 04:30PM CT

[22:59] The OLDEST STEAK HOUSE has been in the same location and owned by the same family for 70 YEARS and really not much has changed. How are you? Reporter: Tony greeting one of his regular customers.

[23:38] Reporter: it’s a tradition that the original owner started. He and his partner alfredo whose nickname was georgetty. The proudest moment of this RESTAURANT for me was the fact GENE’S team became my team and I was very proud of that. Reporter: and he credits that team with keeping the tradition going. Many have been here 30-plus years.

[24:10] Everybody is like family, customers, employees. Reporter: and for Tony, it all boils down to family and faith. I was actually born about 85 feet west of the RESTAURANT. Reporter: as a kid he would make a little extra money by opening the RESTAURANT’S front door for customers. Much later in life he ended up marrying GENE’S daughter. And in 1989 he took over the family business. My wife says it.

[24:38] I don’t know. I plan on being here. Reporter: the 70TH ANNIVERSARY celebration includes an already sold out dinner and lunch series this week. They are also producing a documentary and planning another dinner series in the fall. It’s a famous location we’ve seen in movies.

[25:06] It’s like taking a step back in time. They like the traditions. And they make a mean STEAK, too.

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