FOX News: Gene and Georgetti ‘Bond Style’ on Good Day Chicago

The creators of James Bond have done it again with the release of “Skyfall”. In honor of the movie’s premiere, our client Gene and Georgetti teamed up with FOX Chicago Entertainment reporter, Bill Zwecker, to create the perfect James Bond martini.

Bill Zwecker was all laughs on the set of the early morning martini lesson, learning from Gene and Georgetti bartender, Tasos, how to make a martini suitable for James Bond himself. Zwecker looked impeccable in his full tuxedo and martini in hand, no trace of 7 a.m. anywhere on his face. Tasos showed Zwecker how to make the perfect martini from beginning to end, letting Zwecker in on a little known fact: the original martini was made with Gin, not Vodka! What was Tasos secret to making an excellent martini? It must be shaken, not stirred!

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Rich Ciota and Tasos from Gene and Georgetti with Entertainment reporter Bill Zwecker of FOX Good Day Chicago.

In the James Bond film Casino Royale, Bond orders a variation of a martini called the Vesper. Here is how to make a James Bond preferred martini.


3 ounces Gordon’s gin
1 ounce vodka
1/2 ounce Kina Lillet
Green olives or twist of lemon peel
Shake the gin, vodka, and Lillet with ice; then strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with green olives or lemon peel.
Tasos and Rich of Gene and Georgetti as well as the whole Molise PR team had a wonderful time on set shooting this segment. The greatest part of the morning, you may ask, was learning that Bill Zwecker is allergic to Juniper berries and can’t drink Gin, making it quite funny to watch him pretend to gulp down his 7 a.m. martini.

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