Distinguished Restaurants of North America: Award of Excellence

“For 20 years, DiRōNA has defined what it means to be distinguished in the dining community by recognizing the best of the best. Those who seek out the ultimate dining experiences know to start their search with DiRōNA.

Restaurants that earn the DiRōNA Achievement of Distinction in Dining include all cuisines across the United States, Canada and Mexico in three distinct categories: Timeless Traditional, Creative Contemporary, and Legendary Landmark. These categories represent a wide variety of dining experiences, from “white tablecloth, white glove” service to casual, down-home dining. What distinguishes them all is a commitment to quality—the hallmark of our member restaurants.

Fewer than 800 restaurants have earned the right to call themselves a DiRōNA restaurant and display the Achievement of Distinction in Dining. To qualify, a restaurant must meet or exceed our exceptional standards, including passing a rigorous and anonymous third-party inspection that evaluates ambience, cuisine, service and check accuracy, among other criteria. Only those who pass on all levels are offered DiRōNA membership.”

Learn more about the Distinguished Restaurants of North America here.

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