Daily Journal: Fine dining at Gene & Georgetti

Last week I wrote about Gene & Georgetti in Chicago. This week I’m going to share with you some of the wonderful entrees we tried and a little history of Frank Sinatra’s days in the River North neighborhood. Sinatra was no stranger to Chicago; it was his kind of town. As a matter of fact, he and his wife, Barbara, held their wedding reception in Little Italy. He also made regular visits to Gene & Georgetti’s. Owner Tony Durpetti said, “Sinatra preferred to dine without the riffraff or the regulars. He always came in after the restaurant was closed and could be found eating dinner there with friends late into the night.” When you visit there, make sure to lift your Jack on the rocks to the photo of Ol’ Blue Eyes. After soaking in the ambiance over drinks, Juan, our server, suggested an appetizer before lunch. We ordered one of their specialties, the fried ravioli with meat sauce. Plates were set before, then a platter of ravioli with a small bowl of sauce. Using silver serving utensils, Juan served each of us our appetizer. This was absolutely phenomenal. Of course, there is no hurry to order your entrée. I did order one of the house specialties, the Garbage Salad filled with antipasto, lots of veggies and shrimp tossed with a beautiful vinaigrette dressing. Dave ordered the daily special of corned beef and cabbage served with a platter of various mustards and horseradish sauces. Each table is served with a large order of cottage fries. Yes, the men were eating steaks and fish for lunch. The bone-in rib eye steak looked fabulous and was served with a large platter of pasta with sauce. One gentleman ordered the fish entrée and was also served a small bowl of melted butter. The drinks are fabulous. Coca-Cola is served in bottles with a large glass of ice on the side. The sides that come with your dinner are separate. For instance, a side order of fresh asparagus consists of nearly 20 perfect spears served on a platter. Mashed potatoes are served in bowls that would/could feed a family of four. We finished with a very strong cup of coffee and homemade cannoli with pistachio. Nearly three hours of dining and savoring each moment of the ambiance we had completed our experience. To enjoy the Gene & Georgetti experience, make reservations and plan for least two hours. This is the real deal. This is truly a great dining experience and a place for folks who enjoy good food and fine dining and would like to do so in an old-fashioned ambiance. And ask for Juan. We really enjoyed him and his knowledge of good food and history. Gene and Georgetti’s is located at 500 N. Franklin St. Chicago. Call 312-527-3718 or visit geneandgeorgetti.com. Click here to check out the feature on The Daily Journal’s website!

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