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July 20, 2011

Gene and Georgetti’s 1940’s-Style Anniversary Dinner

River North steakhouse staple Gene and Georgetti’s celebrates 70 years of business this year, and as a treat to loyal customers and a fundraiser for charities Common Threads, Standing Tall and St.Vincent DePaul Center, G&G’s put out a prix fixe menu at the same prices you probably would have paid 70 years ago. If you were lucky enough to score a reservation over the weekend, you paid $15.25 for an appetizer, a salad, a main course, ice cream dessert, and two drink tickets.

For a place like Gene and Georgetti’s, that kind of deal is incredible. This special got people in G&G’s door that are otherwise unwilling or unable to pay the normally high prices for a steak dinner. The restaurant was decked out in a 1940’s theme for the anniversary, which included staff in costume. Some diners came in costume, too. Perhaps the
best part of the deal was the drink ticket feature. Each drink ticket listed classic cocktails that you could choose from to
add to your 1940’s experience; hi-balls, old fashions, Rob Roys, Manhattens, and Stingers graced the tables.

Of the appetizer choices, the stuffed celery was a clear winner; the blue cheese and butter mixture spread onto the
the celery and sprinkled with paprika was refreshing in the weekend’s summer heat. We pity the fool who didn’t
get the filet for an entrée; at a steakhouse like Gene & Georgetti’s, medium rare really means medium rare, and
our steak was perfectly hot and dark pink inside. Our only complaint is that the steak was seemingly unseasoned. We snuck a dash of salt and pepper onto our steaks when we thought no one was looking. Shh.

The sides were lovely – if you find yourself at Gene and Georgetti’s, you would be remiss not to get the spinach,
which is sautéed with garlic.

The $15.25 deal is over, but we can see why Gene & Georgetti’s has been around for 70 years. If they keep it
up, we anticipate that they’ll be in the steak business for 70 more.

Gene & Georgetti’s is located at 500 North Franklin Street.

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