Chicago Classic Magazine: Classic Chicago Restaurants

By Robert Glaze

There are so many new restaurants opening in Chicago that one can’t possibly keep up and try them all. As people often race for the new hotspots, there are many long-time restaurants that often go unnoticed. These classics have been local Chicago institutions for many years and have great old-world ambiance and excellent food. I have decided to make it my mission to go back to or to try these special places for the first time.

Gene & Georgetti
For a great traditional Chicago experience don’t miss Gene & Georgetti at 500 N. Franklin. This Chicago institution, which I recently went to for the first time, has been serving steaks and Italian specialties since 1941. Not a trendy spot frequented by the younger, hip crowd, the crowd is older and consists of many regulars. The attentive waiters wear traditional white jackets and long white aprons. You feel like you’ve walked back in time. It has a warm, clubby feel with great photographs and murals. They have a wonderful selection of steaks, chops, pastas, salads and seafood. The mussels marinara were really excellent!

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