WLS-ABC  Chicago, IL 
Jul 11 2011 07:30AM CT

[21:59] We will tell you about a big birthday for one of Chicago’s best one of Chicago’s OLDEST STEAKHOUSES is celebrating its 70TH ANNIVERSARY. 

[25:08] The general manager is joining us to give us a taste of what will be on the menu. Prices are going backwards. Them that it is a great RESTAURANT. Anybody who is from Chicago knows GENE and GEORGETTI. How hard is it to keep our RESTAURANT going for 70 YEARS? I have only been involved for 18. A lot of RESTAURANTS open and close quick. We are fortunate in the staff and customers. You guys have not changed the look much.

[26:22] It only sets in the pan for 30 seconds on each side. The recipes are going back, too? Some of the items on the menu now worere on the menu in the 1940’S. The sauce lemons, salt and pepper, chicken stock, butter, and a little white wine. It’s very good.

[27:04] We have this 20 announced New York state 20-ounce New York STEAK. Chicken stock, white wine, a tablespoon of butter. Get that hot.

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