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This is a Chicago classic. My family has been going to Gene & Georgetti’s since the 1950s. It is basically an institution amongst the right crowd. Although it is rather expensive, the food and service are always spot on. I can remember the first time I went here when I was about 5, and it was before a Bulls playoff game. Some things never change, and I link the culture here to my own families heritage. We’re old school. No matter what steakhouse I’m at, I prefer to order something along the lines of sauteed mushrooms, potatoes (baked, lyonnaise, etc), a bone-in rib eye or a strip. They cook their prime beef to perfection (rare to medium rare). Many powerful Chicagoans go here for their ‘power’ lunch as well. That’s a lot of power in one sentence. I prefer their dinner service. Go to Gene & Georgetti’s if you want a taste of high class old school Chicago.

Bennett H. / Chicago, IL via

Simply the best! If you want the Chicago experience, then look no further. The decor resembles the days of yesterday with the paneling and what not. The bar downstairs is crowded, the restaurant is up a flight of stairs. This was a house once upon a time. Upstairs the quarters are tight, but yet kind of cozy. On to the food. Appetizers of home breaded onion rings, Fried Calamari, and Italian Sausage along with copious amounts of the house bread. When I judge a Steakhouse, I can always tell the quality of the place by how the presentation of the food is displayed. On the plate, just meat! nothing else, no Kale, no Lettuce, no Parsley, simply meat since it is the showcase. I had the Lamb Chops. Cooked medium rare, the order was 4 humongous Chops seasoned like nothing I ever had, cooked brilliantly, and served as is. Mangia Baby!!! that’s what I’m talking about. Perfect food, served with an order of Italian fried potatoes and an order of cream spinach with smoked apple wood bacon. Never ever had I had Lamb Chops so magnificent. My date had the Fillet Mignon and that to was stellar. This place always blows me away, why? because they know their business, they know their product, and they keep things the way they were 50 years ago. Why fix something if it ain’t broken. I did a super chunky Red Italian wine from the Piedmont region, I cannot remember the name, however it is the “only” wine from the famed region. Again, I cannot emphasize enough that if you want a truly “old school” dinning experience, this is the place. Reminds me of Capone, kinda cool. Check it out, I give it 10/10. Dessert, the Bourbon Bread Pudding was awesome, thick and creamy and enough for two to share. The coffee was served in 70’s style china that was awesome. I just love an original and this is one of the last of a dying breed. It’s kind of like good fellas, You, the music, the ambiance and friends. Nothing in life in my books say life more than “Good Wine, Good Food, and Good Loving”

Tony K. / Chicago, IL via

Classic Ambience – Exceptional Service – Good Food If you’re looking for a classic-steakhouse-of-yesteryear experience – you won’t find much better in Chicago than Gene & Georgetti’s. The retro-ambience alone – all dark woods and reds – makes the joint worth a visit. The service is serious, professional and well-executed by a handsomely outfitted staff. Cocktails, martinis of course, are well prepared. And the food – fare you would expect – shrimp cocktail, steaks, chops, lobster tail, parmigianas, pastas, big sides of vegetables – is tastes-exactly-as-it-should good. No disappointments here. Highly recommended!

Jinx T. / Chicago, IL via

This is absolutely the best steakhouse in Chicago. I tend to support the ma and pa restaurants, which fits this restaurants category. I like Morton’s and gibsons. When I had steak at gene & georgetti’s, I couldn’t believe how outstanding the steak was. They’ve been there since the 40s, and have a great reputation. So, no doubt this is the best steak in Chicago. Rib eye, Ny strip, filet are fantastic. My favorite is the filet. Wine: Shiraz or Pinot noir are perfect with the steak. Dessert: that’s a difficult answer. Prices: you are paying for the experience; the good quality food. RSVP: this restaurant doesn’t have a long wait time (some steakhouses have a 3hr wait time. Not this place. I’d RSVP via phone, beforehand). Service. Everyone is extremely nice. Their recommendations on food are accurate. They know their stuff. So again… This is my pic for my favorite steakhouse in Chicago.

Jennifer K. / Chicago, IL via

Great food, great service! I had family from France in town, and had asked for steakhouse recommendations… Although a little pricey, this really fit the bill… Really family oriented, large portions, delicious!

Laurence P. / Naperville, IL via

I finally had a chance to stop in Gene & Georgetti and loved it. It was everything I expected, chummy old school charm, and good food. I had the NY Strip, ordered it medium-rare, and it was perfectly cooked. A side of onion rings rounded out my gastronomic feast and were a nice partner to the beef. I took an older business contact in his 60’s who enjoyed it very much. I’ll be coming back!

Johnny R. / Chicago, IL via

Love this old school place…. Look at the above sentence and pick out the key words…OLD SCHOOL People, this place has been around forever and they have fantastic food. You are not going to get the modern vibe, scene, etc that you would from Chicago Cut….however, you will get phenomenal food and fantastic service. So had reservations at 7PM on Sat night. They were running quite behind and we finally got sat at 730ish. Its a bustling restaurant, with very little wiggle room. They have the tables packed in here like sardines. The old school pics on the wall crack me up. Not to mention the red everywhere….BUT I LOVED it! They have a decent wine list. Its pricey…like every other steak house out there. The food…so the menu is very old school Italian steakhouse like. The menu probably hasnt changed in years and I love it. The apps…we just stuck to the bread and the breadsticks on the table. Yes, they have iceberg lettuce salads with old school dressing…they were great. A heap of iceberg, a chunk of tomato, slathered in dressing…too funny! Old world charm!!!! The steaks…they are CHAR-BROILED…for those of you that dont know what that means…that means, the outside will have char on it…the inside was perfectly cooked. The meat was perfectly seasoned. We just had went to Chicago Cut a couple of weeks ago and this steak HANDS DOWN BLOWS Chicago Cut AWAY~! It was tender and flavorful with a crisp outside. I also had the shrimp diavolo…fantastic shrimp, HUGE…cooked to perfection in a fantastic red, spicy, garlic sauce over pasta. The meal came with a side of cottage fries…the plate was overflowing~ HAHA. We also did the asparagus. It was a huge plate of asparagus. Cooked so there was a little crunch left. It also came with a butter type sauce…maybe a kind of hollendaise. Our server was this old man, who was fantastic! He brought us a “bday” dessert of tuxedo cheesecake…YUM! Overall, I loved the charm of this place and would recommend it to someone that is looking for an old world feel.

Stephanie L. / Chicago, IL via

After a long day of traveling through airports followed by an afternoon of meetings, my business buddies and I decided to head down to “The Loop” and treat ourselves to a fantastic meal at a legendary Chicago steakhouse. We settled on Gene & Georgetti’s on Franklin Street in the heart of downtown, and situated right under the tracks to “The El” (that would be the elevated subway train tracks). Yeah, I know……G & G’s has been around since 1941, the waiters are notoriously gruff, and it’s a very traditional Italian steakhouse restaurant that caters to politicians, tourists, and an older demographic. Legends like Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, & Lucille Ball as well as modern day celebrities like Russell Crowe, Keanu Reeves, Vince Vaughn, and Will Ferrell, along with international, national, and local politicians, have helped make G & G’s a classic old-time Chicago place to dine. The restaurant proudly boasts a legion of regular customers, some going back more than 50 years The steaks are vacuum-sealed for 28 days during their wet-aging process and then broiled under an 1,100 degree flame to produce a serious crust. The steaks are served with a house salad and a family-style platter of cottage fries–a massive pile of potato slices that vary from deeply browned and crusty to soft and white. I ordered a magnificent T-bone steak with a side of sautéed spinach, and drifted off to food coma heaven right after the first bite. One of the other guys ordered a veal chop which could have easily doubled as a boat anchor because the thing was so huge! The third member of our party ordered an Italian veal dish which he proclaimed to be better than his Grandmother’s recipe, and the last of our crew went face-first into a surf & turf combo. Let me just say that there was some serious oinking going on at our table! This might not be the best steakhouse in town, and it may not be an atmosphere that is comfortable for everyone. All I can say is that our group had a delicious and leisurely business dinner and we had a great time getting the waiter to loosen up and crack some jokes with us.

Steve E. / Tampa, FL via

Sat down for a 630 reservation on Saturday night. Ready as soon as our party arrived at 630. Started off with shrimp DeJonghe and Baked Clams. Clams were awesome. Probably best I’ve had in Chicago. DeJonghe was tasty, but appetizer portion only contained 4 shrimps. Shrimps were good size, but nonetheless only 4 came with the appetizer. For dinner 3 of us had the ribeye while one of us had the Chilean sea bass . Steak was awesome. Good portion(about. 18oz). Great marbling and cooked perfectly. Sea bass was real good as well. Waiter was very attentive and kept our drinks full. Great ambiance as a classy italian spot. Free valet was awesome too. Overall, great dinner and will be coming back.

Justin S. / Chicago, IL via

OK, it’s not necessarily for foodies, of which I am probably one. But gosh darn it – it is charming, unique and can make you feel like you’re in a Twilight Zone episode where if you are charming so are the wait staff; Martinis are meant for men (and this hardy woman), power deals are made over steaks and pasta, and at any moment a rat packer could just walk through the door. Go for the experience; stay for the food and engage your server in conversation. His life is probably the most interesting story you’ve heard in a long time.

Eve C. / San Francisco, CA via

We really enjoyed Gene & Georgetti! Made a rez via Opentable and changed it a few times based on our schedule and was still able to secure a table. I had gone back and forth on where I’d eat a steak at in Chicago and in the end Gene & Georgetti won and I’m glad they did. We arrived for dinner at around 815P our table wasn’t quite ready so we grabbed drinks at the bar – in no time they were ready for us. I really loved the vibe of this place. The oak interior, leather chairs, red and white table linens really made me know I had chosen the right spot. The feel of this place was just perfect for dinner Friday evening. Every table was taken. I did see a few Mob Wive lookin’ women, a few Dina Lohan look alikes and a bunch of good looking 40-50somethin’ year old men. I ordered the bone in rib eye steak and a glass of Pinot. The calamari and marinara sauce was soooo good. The salads and fried potatoes were overkill so we barely nibbled on these. My steak, garlic mashed potatoes and sauteed spinach were all delish!!!! The linguine with clams was amazing – although I just tried a bite. We had a bunch of food leftover :( so I wished for what I always wish for when I know I don’t eat leftovers… a hungry homeless person! We walked to the theatre district after dinner and what’s a wish not granted, but a wasted wish – I spot 3 homeless guys in a Dunken Donuts. I walked in and fed them all dinner!!! Which always makes me so happy :) The service was nice but it did take the main course a bit of time to come out. I rarely eat steak so I blamed myself for the hold up 😉 We shared the tirimusi which was delightful and two cappuccinos. It reminded me of this little steakhouse in Hoboken that I really like. I’d definitely visit them again if I were in town.

Candace L. / Los Angeles, CA via

Wonderful food and a great environment. Staff was very courteous and made great suggestions on menus items. Can’t wait to go back!

Jaime H. / Chicago, IL via

Excellent dinner and service!! We had: Fried Calamari “FANTASTIC” Broiled Filet Mignon “Like Butter” Chicken Cutlet Parmigiana “A CHEESE DREAM”

Sal M. / Land O Lakes, FL via

My favorite place always great food service & charm. If your searching for quality & a comfortable atmosphere it’s here. Plus you can take home left overs.

Serge R. / Chicago, IL via

There are a lot of Italian restaurants in Chicago. This one is amazing! Food, drinks. No complaint. Their cocktails are pretty classic, but they really know how to make them. Then we took a bottle of wine for the meal, and again we were more than satisfied. Now for the food: unbelievable! I started with the stuffed clams and my friend took the antipasti. We were delighted, and already full. But then, our Entrees arrived: we were suddenly starving again. My calf liver was absolutely delicious (and the bacon that goes with it is just perfect). My friend had the sausage: I couldn’t help but eat a third of his plate. Though we could not possibly eat anything else, we took a Tiramisu to share (because, you know, it’s an Italian restaurant and you have to have the tiramisu). OMG! Portions are more than generous and we had plenty of food to take home. We are now regulars of the Gene & Georgetti and don’t hesitate to stop by, even for a meal to go…

Ally J. / Chicago, IL via

Going to Gene and Georgetti’s is like stepping back in time. Not necessarily how it was many years ago, but how one would want it to be. Steaks are steaks without sauces, foams, dribbles and they are not in any way “deconstructed”. Just a great piece of meat, prepared by a professional, served by a professional and enjoyed by the many. This is a special place for my small family and we make at least two treks from the suburbs a year to slow down and remember the best of this cities past.

Jeff W. / Chicago, IL via

Prime rib is hand cut and beyond amazing! We got here early and sat upstairs in the corner – straight up mafia style with our backs to the walls only. The servers were very friendly and attentive. Had to go with the Prime Rib and even though it was a belly bomb it was SO WORTH IT! We will be back!

Chrissy R. / Chicago, IL via

This is a must try if you live or are visiting the Chicago area. Gene & Georgetti’s was established in1941. It is definitely a great Italian steak house . It looks like a prequel to The Sopranos should be filmed here….”How the Mob began way back when” Their steaks are high quality and prepared perfectly! The spaghetti and meatballs is classic Italian food. I know a few Italian’s that say it is as close to their Mama’s as it can get. They have a wide variety of appetizers, entrees, and desserts to choose from. They also have wine and cocktails. They have a huge following with locals and tourists for a good reason. It is filled with old school charm that you don’t come by very often these days.

Jodi H. / Los Angeles, CA via

This is a must try if you live or are visiting the Chicago area. Gene & Georgetti’s was established in1941. It is definitely a great Italian steak house . It looks like a prequel to The Sopranos should be filmed here….”How the Mob began way back when” Their steaks are high quality and prepared perfectly! The spaghetti and meatballs is classic Italian food. I know a few Italian’s that say it is as close to their Mama’s as it can get. They have a wide variety of appetizers, entrees, and desserts to choose from. They also have wine and cocktails. They have a huge following with locals and tourists for a good reason. It is filled with old school charm that you don’t come by very often these days.

— Jodi H. / 6.22.07 / Los Angeles, CA via

Well worth the extra walking (thanks google maps). We were told about this place from an old timer at a tradeshow. We had the veal and and spaghetti with meatballs. Both were delicious. We made reservations on the yelp app and they had our table ready. AAAA+++++++

Ken M. / Chicago, IL via


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