Here at Gene & Georgetti, we’re always looking to innovate and bring fresh, exciting flavors to your table. This season, we are thrilled to introduce a sensational new addition that’s making waves: the Swordfish Milanese.

A Fresh Take on a Classic Favorite

Inspired by the timeless appeal of Milanese, we’ve taken this classic dish and given it a unique twist by using swordfish, a choice known for its meaty texture and mild flavor. Our Swordfish Milanese is lightly breaded to golden perfection, ensuring each bite is crisply satisfying.

Served Over Crisp Arugula with a Splash of Lemon

We serve this exquisite dish over a bed of crisp arugula, adding a peppery sharpness that complements the fish beautifully. A generous splash of lemon not only brightens the dish but also enhances the swordfish’s natural flavors, creating a perfect harmony of zest and texture. This combination promises a refreshing yet hearty meal that is ideal for any season.

Come and Taste the New Sensation!

We invite you to dive into the deliciousness of our new Swordfish Milanese and discover why it’s destined to be your new favorite. Perfect for diners seeking something uniquely satisfying, this dish promises not just a meal, but an experience. Visit and taste the latest culinary delight we’re proud to offer.

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📸 Credit: SpoonGypsy – thank you for capturing the beauty of our newest creation!

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