Providing Moms With Safe Water This Mother’s Day

For millions of moms around the world, the water crisis is a matter of life and death. Every day, it’s a mom’s responsibility to find water for her family’s survival. This Mother’s Day, we’re partnering with Surge for water to change this.Together, we’re improving safe water access – giving moms and their families a chance at improved health, education opportunities, and economic stability! 💓

Around the globe, women and children spend 200 million hours every day collecting water and 266 million hours finding a decent toilet. Instead of starting a business, receiving an education, or caring for families, these hours are lost. Without access to safe water and decent toilets, women face many obstacles in their day to day life. Collecting water can be a dangerous experience, and carrying up to 44 pounds of water often causes physical problems. Often women will face other health problems such as waterborne illnesses and problems related to not having hygienic places to manage their menstruation.

We’re A Proud Supporter of Surge For Water

Surge for Water invests in communities with safe water, sanitation, hygiene and menstrual health solutions to help end the cycle of poverty. Through locally-sourced and community-led solutions in Haiti, Indonesia, Philippines, and Uganda, Surge for Water achieves a sustainable impact. Their community-led, women-centered work makes transformational change across 4 key areas: water access, sanitation, hygiene and menstrual health. Working hand in hand with their field partners, they deliver holistic, sustainable change.

We’re working to make sure that mom’s have the safe water they need for their families’ survival. Joining hands and working together is the only way we can solve the water and sanitation crisis. Moms are instrumental drivers of positive community development. By investing in basic health and education, we can raise their voices and help transform their families and communities.

You can learn more about Surge For Water and their mission here.

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