We’re delighted to be included in The Infatuation’s list of Chicago’s best steakhouses! The roundup is pretty spectacular – thank you for including Gene & Georgetti!

The Best Steakhouses In Chicago

Originally published on The Infatuation, written by Adrian Kane

Where to go for a meal involving red meat and a ridiculously large potato. Chicago has always been a meat town. As a matter of fact, by our count, there are approximately 1,734 steakhouses in River North alone. And while you have plenty of excellent options for steak across the city, the sheer number of possibilities can also be a little overwhelming. Rather than leave what almost always ends up being an expensive meal to chance, use this guide. Our favorites are a mix of classic and newer spots, and they all work when you want a big slab of meat plus the classic sides.

Gene & Georgetti

Gene & Georgetti is Chicago’s oldest steakhouse – it’s been around since 1941. So if you have someone in town who likes to take architectural tours, or talk about whether Hoffa is buried in a construction site, take them here. But this place isn’t just about the steak – it’s also a great spot for Italian food. So order a big steak with a side of spaghetti and meatballs. Perfect For:

    • Big Groups
    • Business Meals
    • Date Night
    • Dinner with the Parents
    • Private Dining
    • Quiet Meals
    • Classic Establishments

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