Gene & Georgetti’s wine list, “The List”, debuted in 2021 and we are thrilled to make it even better!

We now feature some incredible verticals and vintage bottles

Penfolds Grange, the iconic shiraz from Australia, is now in-house as a 3-bottle vertical of ’13, ’14, & 2015 vintages.

We’re excited to have back-vintages of Guado al Tasso that are perfect to experience the year-to-year expression of the best of Bolgheri.

Our wine list now features some more unique bottles

Duckhorn’s “The Discussion” is always worth a good talk about how good it is – we are lucky to receive a few bottles of this iconic wine.

We have expanded outside of just “the B’s” of Brunello, Barolo, Barbaresco into more interesting reds like Frappato (a juicy but light red from Sicily) and Negroamaro (kind of like “Southern-Italian sangiovese”)

2021’s fall bourbon releases are here and we scored some great bottles to try!

We are so thrilled to have Weller’s Single Barrel, Antique 107, & 12 year all available.

Some unique bourbons from woman-owned and highly rated Preservation Distillery including Very Olde St. Nick 8 year, and Rare Perfection 12 year.

We received one of 5 bottles allocated for Chicago of Old Charter’s French Oak (2021 release).

As you can see, the wine, bourbon, scotch & after-dinner drink offerings at G&G are evolving and getting better by the day. We are thrilled to try new things and bring them to G&G!

For 2022, look out for more fun wines outside of Italy and an expanded list of amaro, ports, & more.

What would you like to see on “The List” in 2022? Follow us or tag on Instagram and let us know what you are drinking this winter!

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