TimeOut has published their list of top Chicago steakhouses

Almost 80 years strong, but we still do a happy dance every time we’re featured. Thank you to TimeOut for including us in their roundup of the top 21 steakhouses in Chicago. It’s great to be listed amongst such great company!

The 21 best steakhouses in Chicago

Originally published on TimeOut, written by Morgan Olsen, Contributor Allison Yates, Friday August 13 2021

Enjoy rare cuts, indulgent sides and extra-attentive service at the best Chicago steakhouses.

Ask us about steakhouses and we’ll give you a thousand reasons why Chicago does it best. From long-standing neighborhood staples to newer fusion grills that double as the best seafood restaurants in Chicago, the best Chicago steakhouses evoke nostalgia, offer some of the most decadent desserts in Chicago and reenvision what it means to be a “meat-and-potatoes” kind of town. Our beef is aged for almost a month. It’s flown in from Japan or Argentina. It’s roasted over a twelve-foot grill. It’s salted, seared and delivered with plenty of sides.

Whether you want to order Maple & Ash’s “I Don’t Give a Fuck” just to say the words out loud, you prefer your steak with the backdrop of live Spanish guitar, or you’re seasoned “steakspert” with a palate to please (and a willingness to drop some serious cash), we rounded up the best Chicago steakhouses that treat your slab of meat like royalty.

Gene & Georgetti
If it gets any more old-school than this circa-1941 steakhouse, we haven’t seen it. Filling every inch of the wood-lined dining room are Naugahyde bar stools, chairs and banquettes as blood-red as the steaks (both well-aged, we might add). Servers range from formal to gruff, but they mean well and they deliver the goods: textbook veal Vesuvio, a “garbage” salad fit for four, fried gnocchi stuffed with gorgonzola, perfectly seared chops and garlicky shrimp DeJonghe that the veteran staff swears the joint invented.

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