The start of grilling season has arrived…here’s a few tips for quick holiday feast on the grill or… inside! Gene & Georgetti’s Collin Pierson, son-in-law of Owners Tony & Marion Durpetti shares his favorites for the holiday using items from Ida’s Pantry. Collin is responsible for many of the gorgeous photos you see across our digital platforms, and can often be found on the floor in an apron or in the kitchen with the chefs. He is passionate about great food, especially when it comes to steak (funny how he married into the perfect family for that!)

To follow these tips, you’ll need:

• Outside: A grill
TIP: Set your grill to it’s highest heat setting and allow to come to temperature for 10-15 minutes, or, use lump charcoal in a vertical starter. With red hot coals, pour to one half of your kettle.

• Inside: A heavy-duty cast iron pan, 12-14 inches
TIP: This will be a life-long companion in the kitchen, especially useful for cooking steaks, burgers, and my personal favorite, pancakes (believe it or not, it works!) – cast iron is a great conductor of heat and will add that summer flavor this holiday weekend needs.
TIP: No cast iron? A high heat oven at 450-500°F with the rack in the upper 2/3rds works well too!

Ida’s Pantry Items: NY Strip Steaks, Seafood, Poultry & G&G Seasoning Blends

Before the holiday fun begins, set your Ida’s Pantry meats out on the counter to remove some of the chill. This will allow for a better sear, and quicker cooking. Don’t worry, it is perfectly safe. (Just don’t leave fish or chicken out all day!)

No – oil – needed! For steak cuts like the Ida’s Pantry NY Strip and Bone-In Ribeye, start the cooking with the meat on its side, the fat will render for more flavor! Start G&G’s signature T-Bone with the T-side down, a little G&G kitchen secret to even cooking. For our USDA Prime burgers, a little cooking spray with our Steak Seasoning is an easy flavor boost. Fish is perfectly seared in a cast iron pan either on the grill or on the stove” with our G&G spicy seasoning blend, or use cooking spray and our citrusy fish seasoning to sear flat side down.

After your quick sear at high heat, lower to medium on the stove, or turn off opposite two burners on the grill, flip once during cooking, and for stovetop cooking, add 2 tablespoons of butter just before cooking is finished. Sprinkle a dash of G&G’s signature steak seasoning, and spoon the butter over the meat by tilting the pan.

I know you want to dig in right away to that beautiful prime beef burger or that perfectly seared steak, but you have to let it take a nap. 5 minutes is all your meats need to rest, stay juicy and tender!

Cast iron clean up is a breeze – just water, a paper towel, and no soap is needed! Spray or dab canola oil on the freshly cleaned surface to keep the natural non-stick coating intact.

Ida’s Pantry NY Strip

Ida’s Pantry Fresh Atlantic Salmon

Ida’s Pantry T-Bone

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