Dear friends and customers,

These are extraordinary times that we are living in. By this time, many if not all of you have heard that state government mandated a shut-down of all restaurants and bars in Illinois effective tonight at 9:00 pm. Here at Gene & Georgetti, our top priority has always been to provide our customers and employees with the best possible care and experience. We thank Governor Pritzker for his decisive action in an effort to slow the transmission of COVID 19 and of course we will temporarily be closing our Rosemont location. Additionally, the CDC has advised that all public gatherings consider rescheduling for the next eight weeks, and our venue, The Estate is in communication with our wedding and special events clients to make sure that this is happening quickly, with clear communication and of course compassion.

Compassion is something that we all need to have more than ever today, and moving forward as we collectively navigate through something none of us expected to see in our lifetimes. Our thoughts remain with our loved ones in Italy and also extend to each of you at this time. Our hearts are heavy today for many reasons as so many of us are feeling.

Over the last few days, our staff, and restaurants everywhere have collectively served hundreds of thousands of people who have come to support our businesses, and we are so thankful for that. While the support was in good faith, we have put ourselves, our employees and the families of our employees at personal risk to do that. And, right now – few workers in Illinois are more vulnerable than these employees and these businesses.

In an effort to support those employees, and continue to be a trusted source of meals for your families we are continuing our curbside pick up. We are offering phone in Pantry Orders including our prime steaks (vacuum sealed), pasta sauces and fresh fish. We are offering family style meals. And we are offering boxed lunches for parents who need a healthy solution for their children that are out of school.

I am asking that you please consider supporting our restaurant, and restaurants everywhere by placing these orders. We are waiting, with hope for decisive action from the government, to provide additional guidance, assistance and leadership for our workers and our small businesses. While we do that, we continue to do our utmost to bring you a quality, affordable, safe way for you to feed your families from a brand you have trusted since 1941. We are on DoorDash, and now live on GrubHub as well, doing our utmost to make Gene & Georgetti an easily accessible option as much as it is a trusted option for you and your families.

On a personal note, I cannot thank our staff enough. They are always extraordinary and in these times they have worked by our side tirelessly to fight for our business, and the legacy that Gene & Georgetti left in our hands. I cannot thank our customers enough for the support in these days as well. I will continue to order from other restaurants in a show of support and solidarity and I hope that you join me. For more on my personal feelings over the last 24 hours, please visit my blog and a piece I wrote last night.

We look forward to welcoming you back in to BOTH of our Gene & Georgetti locations very soon, and we cannot wait for the Estate to celebrate weddings once we are able.

Stay safe, and know we are in this with you.

Michelle Durpetti, on behalf of my entire family; my parents Tony & Marion Durpetti my husband Collin Pierson and our entire staff who are our family.

Amid the temporary closure to dine-in customers ordered in Illinois, we continue to offer both delivery via DoorDash and curbside take-out for your convenience.

Available every day beginning at 11:00 am.
To place a take-out order, please call 847-653-3300.

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