Eater Chicago has including us in their roundup of Chicago’s 20 most iconic dishes! Also, loving the shoutout to Gene & Georgetti Rosemont!

Chicago’s 20 Most Iconic Dishes

Check these foods off the bucket list
By: Jeffy Mai, Jan 29, 2020

Chicago has a rich culinary history and a myriad of unique foods. The following map celebrates the city’s 20 Most Iconic Dishes, spanning from the North Side to the South Side. Street fare makes up much of the classic cuisine, but the landscape continues to evolve over time. New additions to the list include Fat Rice’s signature arroz gordo, fried chicken with mild sauce from Harold’s Chicken Shack, and the Walnut Room’s chicken pot pie.

Broiled Steak at Gene & Georgetti

Chicago’s storied meat-packing history means there are lots of classic steakhouses still around. Gene & Georgetti’s beef is wet-aged for about a month and then broiled. It’s a simple-yet-winning recipe for success. Its River North location is currently temporarily closed from a fire but diners can still visit the suburban sibling in Rosemont.

Photo Credit: Collin Pierson Photography

See the full feature HERE.

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