It has certainly been a challenging two weeks since a fire happened in our Chicago location kitchen, causing us to have to close temporarily. We have been working overtime to protect our team, clean and repair our restaurant, keep our customers informed – get an official re-open date for Chicago, all while making sure that Gene & Georgetti Rosemont continues to flourish.

We just could not do what we do without the help of the people that make up our Chicago and Rosemont restaurants. We are so proud that in this moment of immense challenge, our team stands as one. We are working together, supporting each other and this brand that we all love. This past Friday marked 30 years since the death of founder Gene Michelotti. This is always an emotion-filled day as Gene is a beloved person whose legacy of kindness, hospitality, humor, charisma, family and great food are legendary here in our restaurants, and our beautiful city of Chicago. We are so grateful to both of our restaurants for being one team, and for really doing Gene proud every day, but especially in this trying time. We love this photo from Friday night. It just warms our heart and fuels our focus more than you can imagine.

We can’t wait to share with you our official re-open date as soon as we know it. We appreciate your support. Our team appreciates your support. While we do our utmost to navigate the aftermath of this fire, we are open in Rosemont. All of our private dining teams are available every day to answer questions and potentially transfer parties if needed. And, you may see familiar faces from throughout our brand on the floor in Rosemont. So, stop by and visit, we’d love to see you.

Thank you for the love that you have for our team, for Gene, for our dedication to great steak and to our restaurants. We have so appreciated that the past 78 years. And most especially the past two weeks. We love our customers. We thank you. We continue to welcome you to Rosemont, and please stay tuned for Chicago.

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