Thank you to USA Today for including us on their roundup of Chicago’s ten best steakhouses! We are honored to be among such great company!!!

A Cut Above the Rest: Chicago’s Top Steakhouses

The meatlocker is full in this carnivorous town that adores its steaks. You can easily ignite a conversation about “the best steak I ever ate” when you bring up red meat, a stiff drink and the celebratory experience of a night at a great steakhouse.

Downtown Chicago claims at least 25 steakhouses with more scattered in the neighborhoods. The popularity could be the city’s connection with the now-shuttered Chicago stock yards but perhaps it’s the weather or our immigrant legacy. The best steakhouses are like Chicago’s inhabitants – down-to-earth and cheerful but sophisticated. Expect generous portions of familiar food with each eatery’s distinctive flairs.

Smart steak lovers will be sure to make a reservation at least a few days in advance at perennial favorites like Chicago Cut Steakhouse and Gibson’s. For a slice of old Chicago, Sinatra style, don’t miss Gene & Georgetti’s; the romantic GT Prime; and the masculine Swift & Sons in the old meatpacking district of Fulton Market that offers sophisticated steakhouse classics in a most delicious way.

Gene & Georgetti’s, serving steaks and Italian specialties in the shadow of Chicago’s El tracks since 1941, is still lovingly owned and operated by the original family. Imagine nearly eight decades of tradition and you’ll appreciate the clubby atmosphere steeped in history, plus weathered photos on the walls illustrating the biz’s Chicago story. The T-Bone Steak is a G & G classic, but plenty of other beefy options are served nicely crusted with little seasoning allowing the meat’s flavor to star. You can’t go wrong with broiled lamb chops, 11-ingredient garbage salad, spicy Chicken alla Joe or any old timey Italian-American dish like Chicken Vesuvio or Eggplant Parmigiana. Portions are unsurprisingly large and there’s enough variety to please pasta, seafood, steak and even liver lovers. In addition to the expected steakhouse veg and sides, G & G offers mounds of Vesuvio potatoes, meatballs and even thick cut bacon.” See the full feature on USA Today here.

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