Remember that now through May 13, when you order one of our special cocktails, you’ll be helping us support Storybook Farm!

Storybook Farm is an equine riding facility that helps children faced with a variety of physical, emotional, social and cognitive challenges embrace and celebrate life.

To Participate…First, pick your bourbon from $10 to $16, including Maker’s Mark, Woodford Reserve and Hudson Baby Bourbon, then mix it into a cocktail including classics Mint Julep, Old Fashion, Manhattan; a Bourbon Sour, with fresh lemon, sugar and cherry; a Revolver with Tia Maria coffee liqueur, a dash of orange juice, orange twist; Bourbon Snap, with Peach Schnapps, Canton ginger liqueur, orange juice; or the Boulevardier, the American Negroni.

For a personal twist, order the refreshing Royal Reese– bourbon, Chambord, muddled mint, sugar and ginger beer. The cocktail is named after Reese (pictured below), the beloved horse owned by equestrian and Gene & Georgetti managing partner Michelle Durpetti. A portion of proceeds from the cocktail program will go to Storybook Farm, where Reese is currently residing and giving his affection to children in need. For more information on Storybook Farm, please visit

photo courtesy of Collin Pierson Photography



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