Gene and Georgetti is honored and excited to have been featured on the Cooking Channel’s show, “The Best I Ever Ate: #Throwback”. The segment featured chefs’ favorite throwback items from various restaurants. Jeff Mauro, Chef and Co-Host of the Kitchen, selected the “Shrimp De Jonghe” from Gene and Georgetti!

Jeff has been ordering the Shrimp De Jonghe since he was a little boy at Gene & Georgetti, a staple dish! He describes the incredible plate as a “garlicky and buttery shrimp dish that has been around longer than any dish in Chicago.” He also mentions that “when you take a bite of it, a handlebar mustache POPS out of nowhere.” The delicious dish includes a little bit of wine, garlic, fresh parsley and of course jumbo shrimp. The Shrimp De Jonghe also includes crumbles of breadsticks from vendors that we have faithfully worked with for over 30 years.

“When my last shrimp is gone, I’m not crying, I’m happy. That’s the good of a Throwback dish at a Throwback Restaurant, they aren’t going anywhere.”

Thank you Cooking Channel and Jeff for the great feature!

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