2016 marks our 75th anniversary and we could not be more excited.  As part of our celebration, we will be featuring two employees a week beginning August 19th, thru our anniversary party on October 16th. Be sure to check back regularly and read up on our beloved employees who help make Gene and Georgetti the place it is today!

Luis Quiroz

Do you have a nickname at Gene & Georgetti? If so, what is it?


Job Title

Executive Chef

Years with Gene & Georgetti

17 months

Favorite Gene & Georgetti Menu Item

Greek Chicken

One fun fact people may not know about you?

I have a Harley Davidson Motorcycle. I enjoy riding it whenever I have time and I also enjoy playing soccer on Sundays.

Best piece of advice you have ever received?

A friend told me once that “you always get back what you put into.” I’ve always been responsible and always go the extra mile (good or bad thing, I don’t know!)

Our team at Gene & Georgetti represents Family. Tell us about your own family, and what does family mean to you?

My family and I live very far away, but we always try to stay in touch through phone calls, emails and Facebook. Even though we’re thousands of miles apart, we are as we’re close by.

What’s one memory, at Gene & Georgetti or outside of it, that you treasure most?

I treasure finishing culinary school, graduating and being promoted to Executive Chef, knowing that challenges arise and that I can overcome and learn from them.

What’s one upcoming occasion or celebration you look forward to the most?

Vacation, vacation, vacation! I can’t wait; I’m going home to see my family.

Photos courtesy of Collin Pierson Photography.

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