2016 marks our 75th anniversary and we could not be more excited.  As part of our celebration, we beganfeaturing two employees a week beginning August 19th, and will continue to do so thru our anniversary party on October 16th. Be sure to check back regularly and read up on our beloved employees who help make Gene and Georgetti the place it is today!

Christopher Rebollo

Do you have a nickname at Gene & Georgetti? If so, what is it?

Job Title
Event Director

Time with Gene & Georgetti
8.5 months

Favorite Gene & Georgetti Menu Item
Garbage Salad

Best piece of advice you have ever received?
Be true and honest to yourself and those around you. In doing so, you will find a path to happiness, prosperity, and love.

Our team at Gene & Georgetti represents Family. Tell us about your own family, and what does family mean to you?
Family is a big part of who I am. I am blessed to be the product of an Italian-American mother and a Mexican father. Growing up, I lived in a world of strong cultural beliefs and traditions. Thanks to my family, I heard three languages on a daily basis at home and I learned to love and speak not only English, but also Italian and Spanish. My parents always reminded me to be proud of my roots, as they are the foundation and support I will always be able to lean on throughout my life. To me, family means unconditional love, support, and understanding.

What’s one memory, at Gene & Georgetti or outside of it, that you treasure most?
One great memory I have at Gene and Georgetti was the evening I met Tom Hanks. Being a huge fan of his work, to meet him in person was amazing! I believe the occasion was a party hosted at our downtown location, to celebrate the Chicago release of his movie Road to Perdition. Such a memorable and special evening!

Photos courtesy of Collin Pierson Photography.

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